Hello, callers!

Step into the shoes of Forrest Nash, a down-on-his luck radio host who must help the inhabitants of a small town escape a ruthless killer! Solve puzzles, save lives and run the switchboards, all while listening to a jukebox of retro ‘80s tunes!

  • Stay on air: Take control of the switchboard and explore an authentic 1980s radio studio as you guide the fates of your late-night listeners stalked by a mysterious killer
  • Stop the slaughter: Take calls from potential victims while gathering clues, making decisions, and solving satisfying puzzles that could help each caller survive the night
  • Unmask the killer: Interact with a variety of larger-than-life personalities including callers, potential suspects, and a charismatic producer while jamming to a jukebox of 1980s-inspired tunes
  • All can live or die: Choose from a variety of conversation options to interact with callers – will you guide them to safety or broadcast their last moments live on air?

Killer Frequency is Out Now on consoles and releases on Steam at 5pm BST/12pm ET, and on Meta Quest 2 at 6pm BST/1pm ET!

Lock the door, grab your headphones, and get the show started with a radical new launch trailer:

Taken from our Official Discord Channel: Team17