What are DLC's?

DLC's, or Downloadable Content, is extra content that players can download after purchasing a video game.

Please note: For DLC's to work, you will need to have purchased  the base game first, then you can add DLC's.

Types of DLC that games offer include:

  • New features, like extra characters, levels, and challenges
  • Items that help you progress through the game, such as weapons and power-ups
  • Cosmetic extras, such as character outfits and weapon skins
  • Loot crates containing a random assortment of in-game perks
  • Season passes that grant early access to upcoming DLC

Does Moving Out have DLC's?

If you're looking to add more cosmetics, levels and movers to your Moving Out experience, you're in luck! At present, Moving Out has 3 DLC's available! 

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Employees of the Month

The Employees of the Month pack sets your career with Smooth Moves off to an exciting start. Each member of this band of eager movers is packed with a passion for manual labour and really wants to pass their probation. 

  • Professor Inkle! Why move with two arms when you can move with eight!
  • Bruce! Cute, cuddly and ruthlessly efficient!
  • Sprinkles! A great all-rounder and smells delicious!
  • Dials! Gives customers a great reception, just don't push their buttons!

Movers in Paradise

Pack your bags and grab your Haul Pass-port! We're heading off to a team-building power weekend on Packmore Island!

Welcome to Movers in Paradise, the latest expansion for Moving Out. 

  • Move and groove across 24 new tropical and arcade levels to unravel the mystery of the fabled “greatest haul of them all!”
  • Discover ridiculous new mechanics, obstacles and enemies to test your moving and communication skills.
  • Get help from four new tropical movers, Tooki, Gilly, Coco and Clawdius, who can also be played across the original levels, too!

Tooki:  Movers of a feather flock together! That's Tooki's motto. Always taking on new recruits under her wing, Tooki brings the team to new heights. Just be careful when she invites you out to lunch; her bill is always enormous! 

Coco: Coco is one tough nut to crack. Raised in a family of fifty noisy brothers, he enjoys a quiet evening alone on the beach with nothing but his thoughts and stamp collection. But get Coco talking about tropical furniture and he'll open right up! 

Clawdius:  This busy little administrator loves filling out paperwork and signing forms, but when there's boxes to move in a pinch, Clawdius will scuttle right to the forefront! You can find him at night naming all the constellations. 

Gilly:  There are plenty of fish in the sea, but none are quite as bubbly as Gilly! Born into royalty, she escaped her family's sandcastle to live out her dreams as a furniture mover. Well, that's what she tells everyone around the water cooler. Though the tale does sound a bit fishy... 

So buckle up, slap on some sunscreen and sail on over to Packmore Island for Movers in Paradise!

Original Soundtrack

A smooth mover needs smooth grooves to move to and you'll get just that with the Moving Out OST. Enjoy 10 game tracks of 80s inspired instrumental grooves by music composer legend Lenny “The Touch” Macaluso, perfect for all moving mayhem! Also includes six original vocal versions of game instrumentals plus three bonus tracks.

Please Note: This is only available on Steam.

Where can I download Moving Out DLC's?