Having awoken in a strange new land, your journey starts anew in a series of enchantingly grotesque landscapes, oozing Gothic charm and littered with unforgiving traps.

How you tackle the labyrinthian world remains at your discretion, there is no wrong turn to be made, only scores to settle The Penitent One shows no mercy, and with a series of new weapons offering new moves, brutal executions, and expanded combos, destruction will rain on any that stand in his way.

Ultimately, only one thing is certain… Penance Never Ends.


Team17 Digital and The Game Kitchen have premiered the very first look of Blasphemous 2 during last night’s Nintendo Direct show. Coming to Nintendo Switch™, PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S later this year, Blasphemous 2 follows The Penitent One as he awakens in an unfamiliar land, displaced from his final resting place, and thrust back into the endless cycle of life, death, and resurrection.

Penance begins anew in this first look at Blasphemous 2:

Blasphemous 2: Key Features

  • Discover a rich non-linear world: A series of enchantingly grotesque landscapes await, oozing gothic charm and littered with unforgiving traps; there is no wrong turn to take, only scores to settle 
  • Unleash savage combat: Brutal executions and expanded combos provide new and devastating ways to rain destruction on the abominations that await 
  • Play your way: Blasphemous 2 provides the ability to customise and improve the Penitent Ones’ base skillset, and introduces new unique weapons that expand player tactics 
  • Overcome intense Boss Battles: Twisted bosses with unique attack patterns and sundering abilities await in the darkest corners of this twisted new land 

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