Moving Out 2 has arrived, bringing with it the much-anticipated online multiplayer feature! 

This means you'll be able to team up with up to 3 other players locally and online - from all platforms and all parts of the world! 

Level difficulty can change depending on how many people you have on your team - more F.A.R.Ts, more problems! But don't worry, we believe in you! Just don't forget to lift with your spine, not your knees.

Want to know how to get started on your multiplayer adventure? Keep reading.

When you first boot up Moving Out 2 on your Switch, you will be asked if you'd like to enable Crossplay - if you'd like to play online with friends on other platforms, select Enable


How do I add my friends to the Team 17 Friends menu?

Firstly, you will need to add your friends to your Team17 Friends list:

  1. On the main menu, press your 'X' button to open the T17 Friends menu - you will then be prompted to connect to the T17 servers, please select Connect
  2. Once you have connected, your Team17 Friends list will open
  3. Use the R trigger to scroll to the T17 tab and select the '+' icon next to T17 Friends
  4. You will need your friend's Team17 ID - this will be displayed at the top of the T17 friends menu and will be the ID that ends with #number after it
  5. Enter this ID into the pop-up window and click Add
  6. Your friend will then receive a friend request in their notifications tab which they just need to accept!

How do I invite my friends to a game?

  1. Once your friends are added to your Team17 Friends menu, you can invite them to play!
  2. Go into the T17 tab and once your friends have entered the game on their end, you'll find them under the In-Game drop-down menu
  3. Click on their name and select Invite
  4. Your friend will then receive an invite request in their notifications tab which they just need to then accept!

Voila! You can now flex your Smooth Moves in front of your friends. Now, hop to it - Packmore needs you!