If you are trying to play a game through the wrong graphics card on your PC, you could find that you are experiencing issues such as glitches, lower FPS or visual errors as well as missing out on a higher performance experience.

To make sure you are getting the optimal experience when playing, you should first make sure that your PC meets all the minimum requirements for the game you are attempting to play.

To make sure you are running your games through the correct NVIDIA card, please see the steps provided below.


How to set your NVIDIA Graphics Card as Default

  1. Type Settings in Windows Search and press Enter
  2. Click on System
  3. Under the Display tab, scroll down to the end and click on Graphics under Related Settings
  4. Under 'Add an App' select Desktop App from the drop-down menu and click on Browse
  5. Find the game's location, select the .exe file and click on Add
  6. Click on Options under the game.exe, and select 'High performance' then Save

Once you have done this you can restart your computer and then play your games directly through your NVIDIA graphics card.