UnityPlayer.dll is a DLL file that some games require for their 3D graphics content. A widely reported UnityPlayer.dll error frequently crashes games for which that DLL file is needed to run. The error message usually will appear as “UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)”.

Some players have reported that this error crashes their games every 10-15 minutes and as such, it is important to get fixed so you can get back to playing your game without interruption.


What causes the error message UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)?

This error message is usually associated with having a version of Citrix Workspace installed in your system which is known for causing crashes on startup with some games.

However, there is an easy way to reinstall Citrix without the driver that is known to cause the issue.

You can do this by following these steps:

First you will need to uninstall Citrix Workspace.

  1. Click on the Start button and click the cog on the left-hand side of the menu to open your Settings
  2. Select Apps
  3. Then under Apps & Features, you should be able to search for your Citrix Workspace and click Uninstall

If you no longer require Citrix Workspace, you can stop here and play your game as intended. However, if you would like to continue using Citrix Workspace, you can now install it again without the specific driver causing the error.

  1. Press the Windows key and type Microsoft Store and open the app
  2. Find and install Citrix Workspace via the Microsoft Store app
  3. Retest the game

If you find you are still receiving the 0xc0000005 error code after following these steps, please do feel free to contact us and we can investigate this further.