Overcooked! 2 is only available for Crossplay on Epic and Steam.

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If you are playing Overcooked! 2 through Steam and are wanting to team up with your friends on Epic, you will need to enable Crossplay.

Crossplay is only available for those on Steam and Epic and allows you to connect in-game through the Team17 friends system.


For more information on Crossplay options in Overcooked! 2  head over here.

To find out how to enable the Crossplay branch, keep reading!


How do I enable Crossplay?

  1. First, right-click Overcooked! 2 in your library and select Properties
  2. In the properties window, click Betas. Then from the dropdown, select 'crossplay_branch' and close the properties window
Your game will then switch to the Crossplay Branch and download an update. Once this is installed, you will be able to load up the game and play with non-Steam PC friends using the Team17 in-game friend system.

Please note: If you want to play with another player on Steam, they will need to have the same version of the game (all players either using the Steam Crossplay Branch or all players using the default Overcooked! 2 branches). Changing your game client does not delete any of your progression.

I can't invite my friends on Steam!

If you are finding that you're struggling to invite your friends to play Overcooked! 2 with you through Steam, please make sure to invite them into the in-game lobby before entering any groups, voice calls or VoIP lobbies in your Steam overlay. 

Once you and all your friends have made it into the Overcooked! in-game lobby, you can then start to invite friends to voice chats and groups through Steam.