We’re thrilled to announce that we’re releasing a brand-new course for Golf with Your Friends, the mini golf game with zany simultaneous online gameplay for up to 12 players! Outsmart your friends in online multiplayer with up to 11 other players (only one of you needs to own the course to play it!), or tackle it solo to master those trickshots 👀


An ominous wind is blowing in the Golf With Your Friends Universe...

  • 9 increasingly punishing holes:  Get ready to delve into the dark side of the woods in our most punishing course to date! If you manage to complete this devilishly difficult course under par, you’ll be rewarded with the exclusive animated ‘Corrupted Crown’! 
  • A mysterious meteor:  This mysterious meteor has seeped corruption into the land, warping our beloved Forest into the most fiendishly challenging course ever! Battle through the dark and warped course, either solo or with the help of some friends, and overcome the ultimate threat to the ‘With Your Friends’ universe! 

  • Animated Hat Pack:  The Horrifying Headgear pack is our FIRST EVER fully animated Hat Pack, that is sure to stir some serious envy! 

Alongside new Level Editor assets, achievements and trophies, we've also made some much requested QOL/bug fixes! Did someone say.. non resetting water in the Editor?!

Find out what lurks in the darkest depths of the Corrupted Forest, on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam!

Find the Patch Notes here!

Find our Official Launch Trailer here:

Taken from our Official Discord Channel: Golf With Your Friends