What are DLC's?

DLC's, or Downloadable Content, is extra content that players can download after purchasing a video game.

Please note: For DLC's to work, you will need to have purchased  the base game first, then you can add DLC's.

Types of DLC that games offer include:

  • New features, like extra characters, levels, and challenges
  • Items that help you progress through the game, such as weapons and power-ups
  • Cosmetic extras, such as character outfits and weapon skins
  • Loot crates containing a random assortment of in-game perks
  • Season passes that grant early access to upcoming DLC

Does Golf With Your Friends have DLC's?

If you're looking to add more cosmetics, courses and levels to your Hell Let Loose experience, you're in luck! At present, Golf With Your Friends has 9 DLC's available! 

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Caddy Pack

Turn the fairway into a runway and customise your balls in Golf With Your Friends! Putt your own stylish spin on the game as you tee off with one of 3 new hats or floaties with the Caddy Pack!
The Caddy Pack DLC contains:

  • Triceratops hat
  • Goose floaty
  • ‘Beanie’ propeller hat
  • Rowboat floaty
  • Teacup hat
  • Australian ‘slouch’ hat (outback style hat)

Bouncy Castle Course

Master the colourful hazards of the new Bouncy Castle Course Pack. This pack features the challenging 18 hole Bouncy Castle Course, over 200 new items for the level editor, as well as the following cosmetic items for you to customize your ball:

  • Tied Balloon Floatie
  • Inflatable Sticker
  • Hard Candy Sticker
  • Balloons Trail

Summer Party Pack

Have fun in the sun with the Summer Party Cosmetics Pack. This pack features a selection of items for you to customize your ball:

  • Clown Hat
  • Cone Hat
  • Paper Crown Hat
  • Cake Hat
  • Neon Shades Hat
  • Flamingo Floatie
  • Unicorn Floatie
  • Disco Sticker
  • Ice Cream Sticker
  • Confetti Trail

Racing Pack

Turbocharge your golfing with the Racing Cosmetics Pack. This pack features a selection of items for you to customize your ball:

  • Engine Hat
  • Crash Helmet Hat
  • Bow Hat
  • Safety Helmet Hat
  • Baseball Hat
  • Car Floatie
  • Donut Floatie
  • Planet Sticker
  • Marble Sticker
  • Stars Trail

Sports Pack

Get off the fairway because it's game day! Go beyond golf with these sports themed cosmetics for Golf With Your Friends. Enjoy them in classic golf game modes as well as the newly updated Hockey and Dunk.
The Sports Cosmetics Pack includes the following items to customize your ball:

  • Ice Sticker
  • Basketball Sticker
  • Foam Finger Hat
  • Hockey Helmet Hat
  • Hockey Mask Hat
  • Stuck Puck Hat
  • Popcorn Hat
  • Basketball Trail
  • Glove Floatie
  • Sweatband Floatie

Pizza Party Pack

Grab a fresh slice and become the life of the party with the new Golf With Your Friends Pizza Party Pack DLC. This is the ideal set of cosmetics for a night-in and includes the following items:

  • Arcade sticker
  • Doodle sticker
  • Arcade Trail
  • Boombox Hat
  • Cat Headphones Hat
  • Dog Earphones Hat
  • Pizza Hat
  • Drinks Hat
  • Pizza Floatie
  • Toy Cat Floatie

Corrupted Forest Course

An unusual meteor strike has seeped corruption into our beloved Forest. Journey through the challenging 9-hole course and delve into the dark side of the woods. Can you complete the course under-par and earn the exclusive crown?

Create your own corrupted course with over 80 new level editor pieces.

Horrifying Headgear Pack

Transform your ball with supernatural energy and become fiends of the fairway with these 5 brand new animated hats. The Horrifying Headgear Pack includes the following customizations:

  • Fun Guy Hat
  • Thursday’s Friend Hat
  • Gothic Top Hat
  • Cursed Helm
  • Twisted Tentacle

Where can I download Golf With Your Friends DLC's?